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BioMI3910 Ecology/Diversity Section Aerobic and anaerobic enrichment notebooks and reports In this laboratory you did a series of different aerobic and anaerobic enrichments from Houston Pond. Most of the information about them should be provided in your notebooks. Please make sure they are easy to navigate, either being organized chronologically, or particularly if by topic, with a table of contents. In addition to the notebook should be a printed report discussing your results of the microbial groups specified below. These reports should be prepared individually, but members of groups can discuss their data and use material generated for the oral report as a starting point. Included in your discussion of each microbial group listed below should be a brief statement of the enrichment strategy, and a narrative discussing of the results of enrichment, including timing of the detection of visible growth, microscopic observations made (you can refer to drawings made in your notes), with a particular
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