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JenNintro to enrichment

JenNintro to enrichment - Introduction to the Enrichment...

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Introduction to the Enrichment Culture A critical variable in enriching for organisms is the energy source phototrophs use light as an energy source chemotropism use chemical reactions as an energy source They are almost always oxidation-reduction reactions The electron donor/acceptor pair is usually the master varialbe in enrichment cultures organotrophs have an organic electron donor lithotrophsb have an inorganic electron donor Oxygen is a powerful electron acceptor and oxidation of essentially all organic and most inorganic electron donors is favorable under aerobic conditions Under anaerobic conditions: inorganic compounds (nitrate, sulfate, CO2) serve as electron acceptors Most anaerobic respiration processes are much less favorable fermentation use an organic compound as both the electron donor and acceptor Besides electron donor/acceptor there are other nutritional needs that must be met in the growth medium carbon source
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