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Lect2Evolution10 - Rules to a story but today not in that...

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ANTH 42: Primates in Nature Lecture 2: Primate evolution http://weber.ucsd.edu/~jmoore/courses/anth42web/ Rules to a story What? When? Where? Why? … but today, not in that order: When ? Dating methods and deep time Where ? How do fossils form - taphonomy What ? The primate fossil record Why ? Evolution and its mechanisms (including natural selection) [ later lecture !] WHEN: Dating methods 1854: Dinner in the Iguanodon Bishop James Ussher : 1650 calculated from Bible that Creation occurred 4004 BC Mary Ann Mantell: 1820 discovered “Iguanodon” tooth (Sussex, UK)* Richard Owen : 1842 coined word “Dinosaur” * Other giant bones known, but this specimen first to kick off ‘modern’ interest Was hard to reconcile 6,000 years with creatures SO different and so clearly extinct. Uniformitarianism violated. WHEN: Dating methods Uniformitarianism & the earth Strata laid down in layers, oldest are deepest. Sometimes, geological processes can muddle that up. Younger or older? But with more data, can usually figure it out.
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WHEN: Dating methods " 100 years trying to date fossils. Recognized fossil ‘stages’ - rocks with no crinoids or coral overlaid by rocks with crinoids and coral, but no dinosaurs, so could talk about “ age of crinoids ” and “ age of dinosaurs ”. Knew the order taxa showed up ( relative dating), but argue about when in years ( absolute dating). WHEN: Dating methods Absolute. Dendrochronology (tree rings) Buried log Growth depends on rainfall; annual rings.
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Lect2Evolution10 - Rules to a story but today not in that...

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