Lect6Lorises - Lect. 6 Prosimians Quiz clock Minutes...

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Unformatted text preview: Lect. 6 Prosimians Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … Sexual selection not just mate choice; competition & control “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”- Henry Kissinger i.e., dominance and power BUT, choosiness can manipulate competition, choice can be internal (crypic female choice of gametes), etc. COMPLEX - as I said earlier. Toolkit is ready 1. Animals as strategists working toward optimal balance of growth, maintenance and reproduction, where “optimal” is deFned by reproductive Ftness- number of offspring who survive to reproduce (or grandoffspring, or births, or whatever…). 2. This involves individual ‘selFsh’ tradeoffs among feeding, antipredator and reproductive strategies, complicated by potential for tactics based on kinship , mutualism and reciprocity . Toolkit is ready The use of formal observational methods allows us to quantify behavior , enabling 1. Testing theoretical predictions ( are female baboons twice as nice to full sibs as to half sibs? ) 2. Comparisons across populations and species, both to test predictions and to detect patterns that generate theories that make predictions …. “Comparative method” is central to primatology and anthropology as a whole . Prosimians Africa, Asia, and especially Madagascar Lorises & pottos (slow climbers) Galagos [bushbabies] (fast leapers) Tarsiers (fast LEAPERS) Pottos Tarsiers Lorises Galagos Series short Flm clips; we’ll see how much time left…....
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Lect6Lorises - Lect. 6 Prosimians Quiz clock Minutes...

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