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Lect7Lemurs10 - " 7 hurricanes year Can freeze hail...

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Lecture 7: Prosimian wrapup JUST ROUGH idea of distribution, since (a) only 30 of 130 points in play; (b) some probably have dropped, and (c) the ability to drop a quiz means can’t predict final distribution until it happens. Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … Evolutionary logic Mouse lemur males use chemical signals (pheromones) to suppress growth & hormone production in other males... “no weapons needed!” [Falk, p. 100] Signalling theory Does that make sense as the whole story? Do we have a “lemur’s legacy”?
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Now to have a look at some lemurs…
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Unformatted text preview: " 7 hurricanes/ year Can freeze, hail Sifaka ( Propithecus verreuxi ) Ringtailed lemurs ( Lemur catta ) BBC Cousins: First Primates Not territorial . .. Strictly … Ruffed lemur Varecia variegata So nothing about being primate that inherently prevents multiple births… or putting newborns in nests, etc. Variable . Monogamy, MM:FF, fission-fusion, complex. But lemur … Black lemur Eulemur macaco Recreational … ?? Wide range chemicals, depend on species of millipede; some effective insect repellant, antimicrobial, … Cebus , coatis....
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