Lect8Callitrichids10 - Silky sifakas and rosewood. Are we...

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Lecture 8: NWM SCPRF http://scprf.ucsd.edu/SCPRFcurrent.html 10 EC points for attending (sign-in there) Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … Indri Indri indri Bandro & greater bamboo lemur ( Hapalemur ) Some themes come up. .. What leads to “female dominance”? Why unusual? Alternative interpretations? How test them (if there are)? Female dominance • Evolutionary disequilibrium (loss of giant lemurs, 3 eagles, giant ‘fossa’). • Modern lemurs were nocturnal 1,500 years ago. • Monogamous/solitary; sociality seen today is new. Energy frugality? Comparisons : • Degree female dominance in rich/poor parts of Madagascar. • Are nocturnal primates elsewhere really female- dominant? Many variables (inc. geology, climate); what’s not there (megafauna); comparisons as ‘natural experiments’ And this just in from a friend, Erik Patel… http://beta.mnet.co.za/mnetvideo/browseVideo.aspx?vid=25569
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Unformatted text preview: Silky sifakas and rosewood. Are we going to lose more large primates from Madagascar? We DON’T have a “New World Monkey’s legacy” So what can we learn, other than cool natural history? Comparative method; what is basic to primates (e.g. female kin groups?) New World monkeys [NWMs] Marmosets & tamarins - the callitrichids Diversity of NWM: how great is it, and why? NWM distribution Origin of NWM Origin of NWM ~ 120 mya Where did the rain go? ~130mya Exact waterways ?, but had to have been there. Strong current down proto-Congo (and proto-Amazon). ~ 80 mya Callitrichids Callitrichids Visual signaling Why such fancy faces? BBC Cousins : The monkeys Pygmy marmoset ( Cebuella ), tassle-eared marmosets ( Callithrix ) Callitrichid distribution maps Callitrichid distribution maps Pleistocene refugia (climate change, the long view)...
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Lect8Callitrichids10 - Silky sifakas and rosewood. Are we...

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