Lect10Atelines - Quiz clock! ANTH 42! Lecture 10! Atelines:...

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ANTH 42 Lecture 10 Atelines: stomachs and tails Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … Owl monkeys & fur rubbing Eduardo Fernandez-Duque: yes, both plants and millipedes (captive study); not seen in field (yet); do also urine wash (hands only). Millipede segmental glands: 2-methyl-1,4-benzoquinone & 2- methoxyl-3-methyl-1,4-benzoquinone; deter mosquitoes. Latest on Cebus : Meunier H, et al. (2008) Social facilitation of fur rubbing behavior in white-faced capuchins. Am J Primatol 70: 161-168. Group rubbing is fundamentally social, with mimetic component; proposed explanation is that by having entire group rub same time, mosquitoes less likely to approach anyone. Rub with garlic, onions also. Orangutans & fur rubbing HC Morrogh-Bernard (2008) Fur-Rubbing as a Form of Self-Medication in Pongo pygmaeus. Int J Primatol 29 : 1059-1064 “Holding the bunch of leaves in her hand, she bit the tops of the leaves (Fig. 1) and chewed them for 3–5 min, mixing the chewed-up leaves with saliva that produced a green-white lather. … chewing probably releases saponins in the leaves, which, when mixed with saliva, make it easy to apply, like a soap. … She rubbed the lather along the back of her forelimb from the base of the shoulder to the wrist, similar to a person applying sunscreen. The behavior appeared to be purposeful, concentrating on the elbow. … Once the back of her limb was covered in the white lather and her fur was obviously wet, she bit off more of the leaves that she was holding in her foot, and repeated the process, this time on her right forelimb. After she had lathered both limbs, she removed the wadge from her mouth and discarded it.” Commelina sp. Unlike Cebus , no change in affect, no excitement. White uakari ( Cacajao calvus calvus ) & white-faced saki ( Pithecia pithecia ) (yes, he calls the uakari a saki…) BBC Life of Mammals: Social Climbers Specialists at seed predation.
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Lect10Atelines - Quiz clock! ANTH 42! Lecture 10! Atelines:...

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