Lect15MacBaboons - Quiz clock! ANTH 42" Lect 15"...

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ANTH 42 Lect 15 Guenons, SIV, conservation, and macaques & baboons (yes, we’re behind) Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … A fast overview of HIV/SIV Viral clades correlated with primate clades. Note colobus (top) and talapoin (upper right); rest guenons. But not perfectly. Mandrill If natural process, why never in millennia, then >10 times in <50 years? So requires “why now” term; multiple theories, check my publications page if interested. SIV --> HIV: “cut hunter” Emerging viruses: adaptive radiation into new hosts (us). SARS, Ebola?, HIV…
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The bushmeat trade/crisis Wildlife (including apes) is traditionally eaten in Central Africa. Killing and butchery creates ample potential for blood-blood contact. Traditional use Globalization The bushmeat trade/crisis New & recombinant viruses. .. ? The crisis: commercialization. GI parasites at Kibale - less dramatic but ubiquitous Primate conservation and primatology as global health issue Significant # Taï chimpanzees died of respiratory illness acquired from researchers.
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Lect15MacBaboons - Quiz clock! ANTH 42&quot; Lect 15&quot;...

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