Lect17oranggorilla - www.fsc.org You don’t use wood Think...

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ANTH 42 Great apes 1 Quiz clock Minutes remaining: 5 4 3 2 ONE 30 sec … The great apes Life of Mammals: Food for Thought ? Motivation to copy? Do human children really rely on mom longer? Orangs & forced copulations. Notice sexual dimorphism; does male attempting to force look more like AF or AM? Socioecology: food density/distribution --> invention/culture.
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Orangutans Las Vegas Berosini Orangutans ? 54k Borneo; 6k Sumatra; extinct within 30 years? Conservation Balancing needs of endangered species, endangered cultures (human and nonhuman), and endangered people is tough. Wish I had perfect answer for every situation. • Pay people to do good on your behalf: Rainforest Action Network ( www.ran.org ); Wildlife Conservation Society ( www.wcs.org ); Jane Goodall Institute ( www.janegoodall.org at Pan Africa Sanctuary Alliance ( www.passaprimates.org ). • Recycle (esp. cell phones - google ‘ cell phone coltan ’, educate yourself and spread the word). • Use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods (
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Unformatted text preview: www.fsc.org ). You don’t use wood? Think again: UC is huge consumer, and as students you have input. Officials here usually say use certified wood, but there are different kinds of certification - so keep them honest! (“SFI” certification is suspect – industry greenwash?) • Underlying it all: poverty & population. Many approaches here (see e.g. Population Council ( www.popcouncil.org )) - make birth control accessible in developing countries and popular in developed ones. All we need to do is slow the rate of loss, because the current global path cannot continue; we’re going to fix it or self-destruct. Conservation will give us something to fix, or leave something to recover after we fall apart. For reading on website… What’s happening here? Gorillas: Western ( G. gorilla ; lowland & Cross R.) & Eastern ( G. beringei ; E. lowland & Mountain)...
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Lect17oranggorilla - www.fsc.org You don’t use wood Think...

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