Lab #7 Potential and Kinectic Energy

Lab #7 Potential and Kinectic Energy - Distance 120 m...

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Kevin Su Class: Tues Morning 10/25/10 Lab #7: Potential and Kinetic Energy Introduction: In this experiment, we will find out what is the principle of conversation of energy. Also we can calculated the work done in stretching the spring and measure the parameters needed to calculated both potential energy stored in the string and the kinetic energy of the mass. Procedure: 1.) Use a thread to connect the spring assembly to the glider so that the glider is approximately in the middle of the air track. 2.) Then add masses to the hanger, then write down both mass + hanger and then the position of the glider using the scale on the side of the air track. 3.) Then turn on the air track 4.) Then use excel to plot the position vs. the mass 5.) Record the length of the glider flag Date Trial 1 Trials   GI (s) Veloctiy (m/s) 1 .167s .599 m/s 2 .166s .602 m/s 3 .167s .605 m/s 4 .165s .606 m/s 5 .167s .600 m/s
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Unformatted text preview: Distance 120 m Avg=.604 weight 15.5 g X 8.5m Trial 2 Trial GI (s) Veloctiy (m/s) 1 .155 s .876 m/s 2 .115 s .871 m/s 3 .113 s .887 m/s 4 .114 s .876 m/s 5 .113 s .882 m/s Distance 130 m Avg= .8784 Weight 36.1 g X 14.5 cm Trial 3 Trial GI (s) Veloctiy (m/s) 1 0.087 s 1.148 m/s 2 0.0879 s 1.137 m/s 3 0.0863 s 1.159 m/s 4 0.088 s 1.139 m/s 5 0.086 s 1.157 m/s Distance 115.5 Avg= 1.15 Weight 55.32 g X 30.1 cm Calculations/ Questions 20 Cm KE= 0.0366 J and PE=0.0356 J 30 Cm KE= 0.0921 J and PE= 0.0801 J 40 Cm KE= 0.140 J and PE= .142 J K= (Mg) / (x-x0) KE= (m)(v) 2 PE= k (x) 2 Conclusion: In this experiment we found the calculations of Potential energy and Kinetic Energy. Also we determined the percent difference between the potential energy and the kinetic energy because the KE = PE....
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Lab #7 Potential and Kinectic Energy - Distance 120 m...

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