Lab #11 Specfic Gravity and Buoyant Force

Lab #11 Specfic Gravity and Buoyant Force - Sample B 49.15...

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Kevin Su Experiment 11: Specific Gravity and Buoyant Force Introduction In this experiment, I had to find out the buoyant force. Also we discover how the idea of specific gravity. Procedure 1. Take the Box A and hang it from the balancer with a string 2. Then figure out the mass of the object in the air 3. Put the object in the beaker of the water, and record it 4. Repeat this step from 1 to 3 5. Then use the block of the wood and make sure its hanging from the balancer 6. Obtain a singer and hang it from the wood block 7. Make sure you record the massing reading when both the sinker and wood are immersed in water 8. Now use Box B and figure out the mass in the air 9. The put the object Box B in the water and then the record the reading 10. Then use the mass reading when the sample is immersed in the unknown liquid 11. Use the hydrometer and record the reading for the water and unknown liquid Data Masses Wood Block in air  32.72 g Wood Block/ Sinker 75.4g Both Submerged 18.5 g Sample A 17.7 g Sample A submerged 11.1 g
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Unformatted text preview: Sample B 49.15 g Sample B submerged 42.9 g Sample B in Unknown 44.4 g Hydrometer Unknown Liquid 825 Water 1 Mass of unkown liquid 42.6g Mass of Beaker 83.8 g Mass of water 437.9 g Mass of water with finger 444.7 g Calculations Buoyant Force Fb= p Vg= W (air) x W(water) = (444.7) / (444.7-437.9) = 65.40 Questions 1. Water level of the pool will be lower because the buoyant force in the the boat is greater than the volume of the scrap iron 2. The iron will not be in the pool, which means it will be lower 3. 4. The wooden block will be the same as the weight of the wooden block 5. A) The ice will become lower because the increment in the size B.) The ice cube was pulled down so it will be lower C.) The ice cube wasn’t pulled that far down so it because higher Conclusion In this experiment I found out the specific gravity and the buoyant force by using the Sample Box A and Sample Box B by sinking in the water and the unknown liquid....
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Lab #11 Specfic Gravity and Buoyant Force - Sample B 49.15...

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