lab 10 - Bryan Spelhaug Tues Lab 8:00am Experiment X:...

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Bryan Spelhaug Tues Lab 8:00am Experiment X: Collisions Date: 11/11/10 Objective: In this experiment we will investigate both elastic and inelastic collisions. We will be testing both conservation of energy and momentum of a system. Method: For this experiment, we will use an air track lying horizontal on a lab table. We will utilize a two-system collision by using two gliders. The first glider will be at one end of the track while the second glider will be placed in the center of the air track, between two photogates, with an initial velocity of zero. Glider one will be loaded with a mass of 200g. For the first trial, glider one will undergo an initial force (push by hand) in the direction of glider 2. They will collide and the photogates will calculate the times it takes to go through the photogates. From this data, we will be able to determine the initial velocity and final velocities of the system. After this trial, we will remove the 200g mass from glider 1 and place this on glider 2. These are the elastic collisions. The next set will be for inelastic collisions. The same procedure will be performed except when they collide, they will stick by using a needle and wax filled cylinder. We will be able to see the difference between an elastic collision vs. an inelastic collision. Data: see excel spreadsheets Calculations: some example calculations Calculating initial and final kinetic energy for Trial 1, glider-1. Kinetic energy KE = 1/2mv
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lab 10 - Bryan Spelhaug Tues Lab 8:00am Experiment X:...

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