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KeyQuiz_017 - Math 33231 Fall 2009 Name KEY Quiz#17 Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 33231 Fall 2009 Name KEY Quiz #17 Due Friday; atom 23", at the beginning of class A- certain critically damped mass-spring system is governed by the initial valueproblem 5 V I 'u”+82?+16u==0, u(0)=-—-6, u’(0)=vo. (a) Find the solution to the initial value Mum, writingthe constants c:l ' and C2 in terms of v0 where needed. ' “'(b) How larga‘must the initial velocity v0 be to ensure that the mass will cross the equilibfimnposition in pasitive‘time? (Fmd either the'minimum value that works or the maximum value thatdoe‘an’t work.) GM 5% 7‘7 9.9. : Ml?) 2: €5,6— 434' (1+6. ...
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