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Format for the Memo 4th Lab

Format for the Memo 4th Lab - Theoretical Background Sketch...

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Dear 155A Students, The memorandum for the fourth experiment must not exceed four pages in length, including figures and tables. It should focus on the most important results of the experiment and include a concise discussion of them. Conclusions that are drawn from the analysis should be explicitly stated. No detailed introduction or experimental procedure section is appropriate; these will instead be part of the oral presentation. Bullets or numbered points are appropriate in a memorandum. A complete and detailed derivation of the governing equations should be provided in the Appendix of the memorandum. Your format may vary. Below is an example format: Summary - like an abstract - major findings
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Unformatted text preview: Theoretical Background - Sketch a rod heated at one end, state major assumptions, IC and BCs, energy balance, solutions for transient and steady state Results - The steady state temperature profiles for a 1" Dia 304 Stainless Steel Rod, 0.5" Dia. ........ are shown in Figure X. The solid lines are solutions based on . ..... Discussion portion or you can mix and have a Results and Discussion Section. Further details on Appendix: 1. Raw Data 2. FULL derivation of the governing equation showing all steps and algebraic gore 3. Sample calculations of such things as: Biot#, theoretical heat transfer coefs, heat transfer coefs experimental, etc. Dr. Kuhl...
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