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NATS 1840 Lecture 20 – Environmentalism and Science - The failure of the environmental movement, popularity - Some varieties of environmentalism: o Preservation: defending the wilderness o Conservation: maintaining natural resources for long-term use o Pastoralism: living a more rustic, simple, or back-to-nature lifestyle - Common core: concern about nature - Nature is to be used for our benefit (pragmatic view), nature is valuable in and of itself (essentialist view) - Philosophical or aesthetic concern, beauty and inherent value, emotions, not reason - Modern concern, university experts, ecologists, management of the environment - Ecologists separate from local, grassroots activists - Ecologists provide scientific, quantitative analysis of nature - Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, pesticides and chemicals in the environment, well established statistics and quantitative analysis - Science challenging industry and government on their own terms - Ecologists “technicians” for nature, proper management on behalf of citizens
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