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NATS 1840 M – Science, Technology and the Environment Summary Our awareness of the environment and its importance has changed significantly over the years. Although there are many ways in which human activity impacts the natural world, this course will focus in on the role of science and technology in shaping and understanding the environment around us. On the one hand, the growth of scientific knowledge has been a key component in understanding the human impact on the environment, and in conjunction with technology, it has allowed us to either soften the impact of human activity or devise ways to integrate our actions with nature. On the other hand, science and technology have enabled us to significantly increase the impact of human activity on the globe. In order to unpack the complicated relationship between human activity and the environment, we will consider the development of science and technology over all of human history and in different parts of the world. Course Instructor Dr. Ian Slater, Rm 304 Bethune College, 416-650-8278, Course website: Required Texts NATS 1840 6.0 A - Course Reader Evaluation 1. Reading Summary and Critique (3-5 pages) – Due Jan 24 th 10% 2. Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement (3-5 pages) – Due Feb 28 th 15% 3. Short Essay (10 pages) – Due March 28 th 25% 5. Attendance - 10% 5. Final Examination – 40% Notes on Evaluation The summary and critique (about 2/3 summary and 1/3 critique) involves one of the readings from the course. The annotated bibliography is a listing of sources related to your thesis with a one to two paragraph summary of each source. Both the list of sources and the thesis statement will change over the term. There are four essay topics to choose from, and all essays must include some discussion of the relationship between science and technology and the environment. Essay Topics
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NATS1840-Slater - NATS 1840 M Science, Technology and the...

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