Nats 1840 - Lecture 5

Nats 1840 - Lecture 5 - NATS 1840 Lecture 5 Commerce and...

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NATS 1840 – Lecture 5 – Commerce and Science in The Scientific Revolution The Scientific Revolution - The so-called Scientific Revolution occurred during the 16 th and 17 th centuries, roughly around the same time as the Renaissance and Reformation - It also occurred at the same time that economic and political conditions were changing, in a transition from Medieval feudalism to Renaissance capitalism The medieval agricultural revolution (ploughs and horses, crop rotation, fertilizing) had increased crop output and population Capitalism was emerging from feudalism, a shift from a land based economy to a goods based economy International trade, using the oceans for transport, was increasing - The scientific revolution saw several large scale conceptual changes to what we now know as science: Shift from a geocentric cosmology to a heliocentric cosmology An expansion in the estimated size of the universe A realization that terrestrial physics and celestial physics were the same - These conceptual changes impacted society profoundly, before the scientific revolution, received astronomical and religious opinion held that the Earth was the centre of a small universe, that the heavens were perfect and that the Sun went around the Earth - After the shift from geocentric to heliocentric astronomy, the Church was challenged, society’s self-conception changed, Freud called it one of the three greatest blows to the human ego - Several other changes started in this period: The development of professional scientific societies, journals
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Nats 1840 - Lecture 5 - NATS 1840 Lecture 5 Commerce and...

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