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NATS 1840 - Lecture 6 - SC/NATS 1840 Lecture 8 - Colonial...

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SC/NATS 1840 – Lecture 8 - Colonial Expansion and Resource Exploitation Political Underpinnings of the Industrial Revolution - The Industrial Revolution was a process of transformation of production (the making of things) that occurred from roughly the mid 18 th to the late 19 th century - It started in England in the textile industry, and spread outwards to other countries and other industries from there. - Industrial Revolution saw various transformations: technological (steam engines and machines to produce goods) management (emergence of professional managers and deskilling of labor), and transportation (introduction of steam powered trains to transport goods), led to an explosion in production and consumption - In the period leading up to the Industrial revolution, populations increased and production increased as well, both increasing the burden on the environment - Although the organization of labour and the introduction of new technologies were key developments, the existing political and economic forces were also important, as they shaped the basic attitude towards the environment, treating natural objects as resources for our exploitation - Naylor’s account traces some of the complex interdependencies between major powers and their use of colonial resources to gain power, and the shift from mercantilism to capitalism - Mercantilism is an economic system based on the idea that nations should maintain a positive balance of trade by having more exports than imports, and that they should hoard specie (gold or silver) Modes of Production before the Industrial Revolution - There were three dominant modes of production before the Industrial Revolution: o Artisanal production: highly skilled artisans or craftsmen produced goods, they trained apprentices, there was little division of labour, and most goods were
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NATS 1840 - Lecture 6 - SC/NATS 1840 Lecture 8 - Colonial...

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