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NATS 1840 Lecture 17 - NATS 1840 - Lecture 16 -...

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NATS 1840 - Lecture 16 - Hydroelectric Power - Canada produces approximately 60% of its electricity with hydro, and has approximately 90GW of installed hydro capacity, making it third largest hydroelectric energy producer in the world (behind China and Brazil) - Norway produces almost 100% of its energy from hydro - The James Bay Project is a series of hydroelectric dams on the La Grande River in Quebec - Other rivers were diverted into the La Grande to increase water flow - When rivers are blocked to create power dams, they flood the land around the river above the dam, creating reservoirs - Some individual reservoirs on the La Grande complex are over 1000 km 2 in size, and some dams as tall as 50 stories, this is large scale technology - These rivers were far in the North of Quebec, where populations were sparse, industrialization non-existent, and native Canadian hunting and fishing a prominent part of the local economy - In total, the James bay facility generates approximately 15,000 megawatts, the power of 16 CANDU nuclear reactors - It is part of a larger Quebec electricity system that provides approximately 35,000MW, 90% + of which is hydroelectric power - The facility was not cheap, approximately 20 billion to build - Against initial resistance, the government built roads to the dam sites and eventually paid settlements to Cree and Inuit populations - In 1975 the government signed an agreement with Cree and Inuit, with a cash settlement and fishing and hunting rights to a large area - The project used extensive environmental consultation and analyses, another example of scientifically informed management of nature on a large scale (German silviculture) - This is a “green” project, hydroelectric power is considered, alongside solar, as a
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NATS 1840 Lecture 17 - NATS 1840 - Lecture 16 -...

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