HW1 (2) - Sameer Abdul CS 251 Homework 1 True/False...

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Sameer Abdul Page 1 of 4 CS 251 Homework 1 True/False Questions 1. In a dynamically-resized array implementation of a stack, any sequence of m push and pop operations takes time proportional to mn. - False 2. Amortized analysis is used to determine the worst case running time of an algorithm. - False 3. In order to support the use of foreach statements, a data structure must implement the Comparable interface. - False 4. An n log n algorithm is not necessarily slower than a 6n algorithm for some input. - True 5. An algorithm that uses 12n 2 + 4n log n operations is an O(n 3 ) algorithm. - False 6. An array is partially sorted if the number of inversions is linearithmic. - False 7. Sorting small arrays with Mergesort is inefficient. - True 8. Mergesort is stable. - True 9. Some inputs cause the System Quicksort to use a quadratic number of compares. - False 10. Regardless of the input, random shuffle makes it statistically impossible for Quicksort to have quadratic complexity. - True 11. Sequential search Symbol Tables have a constant time insertion complexity. - False
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HW1 (2) - Sameer Abdul CS 251 Homework 1 True/False...

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