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( c ) The phenyl and methyl substituents attached to C-2 of malonic acid play no role in the decar- boxylation process. 19.12 ( b ) The thermal decarboxylation of b -keto acids resembles that of substituted malonic acids. The structure of 2,2-dimethylacetoacetic acid and the equation representing its decarboxylation were given in the text. The overall process involves the bonding changes shown. 19.13 ( a ) Lactic acid (2-hydroxypropanoic acid) is a three-carbon carboxylic acid that bears a hydroxyl group at C-2. ( b ) The parent name ethanoic acid tells us that the chain that includes the carboxylic acid func- tion contains only two carbons. A hydroxyl group and a phenyl substituent are present at C-2.
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