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A-4. Give the correct structures for compounds A through C in the following reactions: A-5. Give the missing reagent(s) and the missing compound in each of the following: A-6. Identify the carboxylic acid (C 4 H 7 BrO 2 ) having the 1 H NMR spectrum consisting of d 1.1 ppm, 3H (triplet) d 2.0 ppm, 2H (pentet) d 4.2 ppm, 1H (triplet) d 12.1 ppm, 1H (singlet) A-7. Draw the structure of the tetrahedral intermediate in the esteri f cation of formic acid with 1-butanol. A-8. Write a mechanism for the esteri f cation reaction shown. PART B B-1. Which of the following is a correct IUPAC name for the compound shown? ( a ) 1,1,3-Triethylhexanoic acid
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