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A second molecule of dimethylamine abstracts a proton from the tetrahedral intermediate. ( d ) Hydroxide acts as a nucleophile to form the tetrahedral intermediate and as a base to facilitate its dissociation. Formation of tetrahedral intermediate: Dissociation of tetrahedral intermediate: In base, the remaining carboxylic acid group is deprotonated. CO CO 2 O O 1 H 2 O H CO 2 CO 2 O O OH 2 O OH O O H COH
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Unformatted text preview: CO 2 O O HO 2 1 H 2 O Tetrahedral intermediate 1 O HO OH O O 2 O OH O H 2 O 1 2 OH Phthalic anhydride 1 O O O O 2 O OH 2 OH O Product of reaction Tetrahedral intermediate 1 second molecule of dimethylamine O N(CH 3 ) 2 O O H (CH 3 ) 2 NH CN(CH 3 ) 2 CO 2 O O H 2 N(CH 3 ) 2 1 542 CARBOXYLIC ACID DERIVATIVES: NUCLEOPHILIC ACYL SUBSTITUTION...
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