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A-5. The following reaction occurs when the reactant is allowed to stand in pentane. Write the structure of the key intermediate in this process. A-6. Give the correct structures, clearly showing stereochemistry, of each compound, A through D, in the following sequence of reactions: A-7. Write the structure of the neutral form of the tetrahedral intermediate in the ( a ) Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of methyl acetate ( b ) Reaction of ammonia with acetic anhydride A-8. Write the steps necessary to prepare from . A-9. Outline a synthesis of benzyl benzoate using toluene as the source of all the carbon atoms. A-10. The infrared spectrum of a compound (C 3 H 6 ClNO) has an intense peak at 1680 cm 2 1 . Its 1 H NMR spectrum consists of a doublet (3H,
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