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I have chosen to do this project on the literacy I learned while interning for  the Mayor’s Executive Office of the Mayor Invention To create the text I will recall moments from the internship, starting in 2008  and ending with 2011. I will use refection and memory. I will recall the times  when I was learning new things in the office and the times when I  encountered things that I have never encountered before. I will remember  the times where I had to learn the literacy in order to complete the tasks 
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Unformatted text preview: given to me. Revision My intention is to inform others as to how much work the different offices under the mayor goes through in order to keep the city running. Arrangement I will arrange my project in chronological order. Because I interned in three different offices, I will explain the different literacies in each office. I will relate them to one another because as they are all completely different literacies, they all have the same goal in the end, to help keep the city running....
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