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WRA Section 150 Section 20 September 25, 2011 Life Long Literacies I never realized how much literacy is apart of our daily lives. When thinking about it, literacy is life. It has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and it wasn’t until I encountered my WRA class that I realized that. Literacy is not only about reading and understanding what you read, as I thought before, it is about comprehension in general, an understanding for specific things. I, myself, have many literacies; some physically learned, some naturally with me, some just recently discovered, and others ancient. I come from a Caribbean background, so my family would not be considered the typical African-American family. We do things different than most. At home, we speak English, but with jargon and sometimes Patois. My grandmother has the strongest accent of all, considering that was born and raised in Barbados. To others, my grandmother may have an accent, or may speak in a way, which is hard to understand, but to me she speaks perfect and I understand everything she says. The reason for this is because I have Caribbean Literacy, I have been in the mix of the Caribbean culture ever since I was born, therefore in my mind, it is perfectly clear, however to others that haven’t been as exposed to Caribbean culture as I have, it may be a bit confusing to follow along. With
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Literacies Essay - A drienne Fenton WRA Section 150 Section...

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