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Ch1 Homework - set up a reward system for selling well...

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To begin with orchestrating a campus fundraiser, I would first start with the principle of planning. I would need to begin the whole process by defining a goal for the fundraiser such as establishing a time frame and the amount we wish to obtain. Then I would use the principle of organizing. I would need to get groups of people to go out and sell the fundraiser for the campus. Then I would use the principle of leading. I would have to persuade and motivate the groups to sell, and even possibly
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Unformatted text preview: set up a reward system for selling well. Finally I would use the principle of controlling. Depending on the time frame that was set, a daily or weekly assessment of how well things are going would need to be taken. For example, if someone was hindering the progress of the fundraiser I would take them of off the fundraiser. That is how I would use the four functions of management to orchestrate a campus fundraiser....
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