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A worker who is more knowledgeable will be more likely to be innovative because they are familiar with the given area. Their experience allows them to be able to see how a particular system could be improved. For example, a farmer hires workers to lay fence. Traditionally the barbed wire is unwound by walking backwards. However, a worker may come up with the idea of fastening the roll of wire onto a tractor in such a way that it can be unwound by driving the tractor backwards. A man with no experience with laying a fence will first have to figure out
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Unformatted text preview: how to unwind the wire by hand. Also, the work environment influences the innovation process. The work environment is always subject to it whether it is by an outside force like improved technology or it is inside from particular employ with an idea. The main thing is can the company handle it and utilize it? The work environment must be set up to accept in certain innovations that will enhance the work....
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