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Ch8 Homework - with dozens of athletes who need sports...

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Three types of companies that will thrive in the small college town of Altus would be Food Companies, Western and Agricultural Companies, and Athletic Goods Companies. Since the town is relatively small and college students by the most premade food, Food companies would thrive do to easy access and large amounts of consumers. Also, the town is an agricultural town with a strong sense of western heritage and a strong rodeo team, the town could do well with a few western and agricultural Companies. Finally, WOSC has a strong athletic program
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Unformatted text preview: with dozens of athletes who need sports equipment. So Athletic Good Companies should do just fine in Altus. However there are three types of companies that would not thrive in Altus. Those would mainly center on building companies such as wood, metal, and housing. A college student has no need to buy building materials and thus would not help maintain such companies. Also, most student s will not live forever in a college town and so do not need to buy houses....
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