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The only teams that I have ever been on that were cohesive have all been academic type teams. Now these teams performed greatly. Usually being able to work together to achieve a goal or purpose. One such team is my ambassador team that works together to promote the college. Now, all of the teams that I have played on in the line of sports have all been fragmented. I had always played baseball while I was in high school, and we never made it past districts. The experience was always a letdown, because my team never could work together and it cost us many
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Unformatted text preview: wins that should have been ours. As for a team choosing an individualist for a team. I could only assume that it is meant to allow a team to see other points of view. I have never seen it work, however, because the individualist may sometimes cause a team to be fragmented. My team had one such do this. The individualist was great at baseball and would influence a coach’s decision on other players. This can be deadly for most teams, since the members will try to get rid of the coaches new favorite....
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