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Management in Education - rewarding teachers with more...

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Management in Education Education, just like other types of business, needs good management, and with that management there must be a good manager. According to an article by “The New York Times,” President Obama is just that manager. With a plan, organization, leadership, and control, the four factors of management, Obama plans to strengthen the educational system. The article in “The New York Times,” Obama Outlines Plan for Education Overhaul, Obama makes the plan to increase the productivity of chartered schools. His goal is too ultimately increase the education of American students. He wishes to organize this by making large budgets in government funding towards increasing schools. He is also trying to get states to organize and impose tougher curriculum standards. Also, he wishes to encourage teachers to improve their teaching methods by
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Unformatted text preview: rewarding teachers with more money for improved student achievement. Finally, he is controlling how this will happen by installing this into school requirements and regulation laws. If Obama is able to do this then the whole business side of the nation will increase greatly. Management for business also depends on it employees. If the educational process is advanced then Managers can hire better employees. With better employees comes greater efficiency to deal with competition from abroad that would otherwise hinder American business. So the end result for management is improved by good management in the educational system. Work Cited Stout, David. "Obama Outlines Plan for Education Overhaul." Http:// . New York Times, 11 Mar. 2009. Web. 2 Dec. 2009. <>....
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Management in Education - rewarding teachers with more...

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