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Management in Politics-Government

Management in Politics-Government - as well with the...

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Management in Politics/Government Principles of management have taught us that we can not have just one manager. You need to have a systematic level of managers to run anything, and a ladder for promotion if a higher manager leaves for whatever reason. Even the government knows this to be true. That is why they have made the Order of Presidential Succession in case the president must leave office for whatever reason. This stepladder, if you will, was set up due in part to the fact that between the 19 th century and the 20 th century, more than a third of our presidents were in some way taken out of office. Whether it was that they died in office, quit, or become disabled, they no longer could hold the office. Also, during that time, 37 went by without a vice president in the office of vice presidency. So the government devised a plan that was accepted into the amendments as the 20th and 25th Amendments. This signified that the vice president will go up to the president. Also, the whole cabinet moved up in chain
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Unformatted text preview: as well with the Presidential Succession Law of 1947. The Presidential Succession Law of 1947 addressed the simultaneous disability of both the president and vice president. Resulting in the fact that 18 men would need to die, quite, or become seriously ill for there to be no president/top manager. So just like a regular business where a middle manager would step up in place of a top manager who can no longer work, the government has devised away to do the same thing. This way, we know that if something happened to the leader/manager of our nation, we will still have someone to lead our nation in his or her place. Also, just like the 1947 Law, the lower managers move up as well. Works Cited "Presidential Succession." U.S. Government Info - Resources . US Government Info, 2009. Web. 09 Dec. 2009. <http://usgovinfo.about.com>....
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Management in Politics-Government - as well with the...

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