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NAME_____Patrick Bakley ___________________________________DATE_________________ Changing Your Behavior Select a health behavior you want to change, and use the steps below to indicate how you will accomplish the change. Use additional paper if needed. 1. Select a behavior to change. _____Weight Loss ______________________________________________ 2. Assess your behavioral patterns. State at least one barrier you will face ___Typically I am busy with something from 8 to 6, so one barrier that I would have to face is lack of time to actually work __________________________________________________________________________ State at least one thing that will support your change. ___What will support my change is the fact that I have access to about three different weight rooms and gyms with one being right next door. _______________________________________________________________ 3. Name the people you will be able to count on for support and accountability. Will one of them be willing to sign the behavior change contract with you? ___I can count on my friend Will Boyd for support and he could sign the contract since he can work out right
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