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Discussion Questions 1 1. What is Social Character? According to the author, it is an anthropological term to describe the behaviors of followers. Social Character explains that factors such as culture, time, circumstance, or social class influence people to follow certain leaders that are needed at that moment. It further explains why one group such as Germans during WWII would follow Hitler, while Americans would never have even allowed such a man to lead. Social Character is used by followers to adapt to situations and follow leaders. 2. What are the three types of social character discussed by the author? One type is the farming-craft social character, which are people who have zero trust for authority and leaders and are normally found conservative and in tight family units. The second type is the industrial-bureaucratic social character, which are those people who are employees in businesses and are also motivated by
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Unformatted text preview: challenge. The final type is the knowledge work type, which are people who are led by those who show them that growth is a game that can be won. 3. How does the author define leadership? He defines leadership not as goal setter, team evaluator, or even a visionary. He defines a leader as someone people follow, and so saying that leadership is being something that people are able and willing to follow. Leadership is a tool that brings groups together according to a common social character. 4. According to the author, what can we learn from Machiavelli? We learn how different leaders personalities play a role in the way leaders lead. Also Machiavelli teaches us how a leader can get results in different contexts. Almost that trust is the key to leadership above all other resources....
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