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Discussion Questions 3

Discussion Questions 3 - identities social character...

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Discussion Questions 3 1. Discuss the differences among dictators, demagogues, and doctors. Dictators are dominating leaders who usually lead by force and fear. A follower of a dictator is usually one who follows for fear of punishment. The demagogues are leaders who seduces who seeks followers by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. A follower of demagogues is usually one who follows through a desire too. Finally, doctors are leaders who persuades there followers to follow them through a personal interactions. A follower of doctors is usually those who follow out of respect. 2. What is personality intelligence? Personality intelligence deals with a leader being able to work with different types of followers. It’s based off of dealing with
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Unformatted text preview: identities, social character, personality types, and intellectual skills. Each of these aspects being used to effectively lead. 3. What is the difference between erotic and narcissistic personality types? The erotic type is used in a productive or unproductive context. The productive erotic type is a helper who cares and cooperates, while the unproductive erotic type is dependent and needy for love. Erotics tend to be dominated with a fear of loss of love. The narcissistic type is almost opposite of the erotic type. Narcissistic type is more independent and not opened to intimidation. They tend to be more adapt to being leaders overall....
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