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Discussion Questions 6

Discussion Questions 6 - ideas to help the team see what...

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Discussion Questions 6 1. What are the four domains of leadership? The four domains of leadership are executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Executing consists of people who will get things done and find solutions. People with executing leadership are ones that are achievers and arrangers and have discipline and focus. Influencing consists of people who sell the teams idea inside and outside the organization. People with influencing leadership are ones that are communicators and competitors and have self-assurance and woo. Relationship building consists of people who hold their teams together. People with relationship building leadership are ones that are developers and relators and have empathy and positivity. Strategic thinking consists of people who have vision and
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Unformatted text preview: ideas to help the team see what could be. People with strategic thinking leadership are ones that are analysis and learners and have ideation and input. 2. What do strong teams have in common? First, strong teams can have conflict such as arguments without destroying the team, because the team is focused on results. Second, strong teams prioritize what is best for the organization as a whole and then moves forward to achieve the organizations direction. Third, a strong team is committed to personal lives and puts their families first. Fourth, a strong team is open to diversity and welcomes people of all age, gender, and race. Finally, a strong team seeks out talent and is a team that everyone wants to be on....
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