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stressor any life event requiring a psychological or

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Unformatted text preview: ation Stress - Effects Of Stressor On Organism Stress Occurs When An Imbalance Is Perceived Between Demand And Ability To Demand Meet Demand Meet STRESS STRESS RESPONSE TO STRESSORS EMOTIONAL RESPONSES ANXIETY ANGER DEPRESSION STRESS PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES HANS HANS SELYE - General Adaptation Syndrome General Several Several physiological stages the body goes through with sustained stress through 1. Alarm Alarm Response (the Flight or Flight response) (the 2. Resistance 3. Exhaustion …Followed by bodily damage STRESS STRESS STRESS AND ILLNESS How immune system functions Link between stress and immune system Exam cold Bereavement and immune functioning STRESS STRESS STRESS AND ILLNESS Modifiers Cognitive appraisal Chronic stress Social support Psychosocial Factors In Specific Psychosocial Illnesses Illnesses AIDS Clearly a very biological illness Affects immune system which is affected by stress Stress reduction training Less anxiety & depression when learning Less anxiety HIV+ Improved immune system functioning • Both symptomatic and pre-symptomatic Both individuals individuals Unknown exactly how stress reduction help Psychosocial Factors In Specific Illnesses Illnesses CANCER Therapy lengthened survival time for women Therapy survival with breast cancer – MAYBE* with Psychological factors related to development Psychological factors impact recovery and Psychological treatment treatment Psychosocial Factors In Specific Illnesses Illnesses CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES Stroke/Cerebrovascular Accident Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Coronoary Heart Disease Type A (aggressive, active, easy to upset) Type (aggressive, Type B (do not get to upset) Type (do Chronic Negative Emotions...
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