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Unformatted text preview: Physical Disorders 2000 Leading Causes of Death Heart disease Malignant Neoplasms Cerebrovascular Disease Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Accidents Diabetes Mellitus Influenza and Pneumonia Alzheimer’s Disease Nephritis Septicemia Suicide OVERVIEW Psychophysiological Model Defining Terms Psychosocial factors affecting biological processes Psychosocial biological and illnesses and Psychosocial Factors in Physical Illness Stress Psychosocial factors in specific illnesses Chronic Pain Chronic Chronic Behavioral Medicine Treatments PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL MODEL MODEL Describes relationship between psychosocial Describes factors and physical health physical Can be multi-directional Psychosocial factors affect biological disease This is mainly what we will cover This But, biological disease can influence But, psychosocial factors psychosocial DEFININITIONS Behavioral Medicine Knowledge derived from behavioral science is Knowledge applied to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical problems treatment Health Psychology Study and apply psychological factors that are Study important to health promotion and maintenance important...
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