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Identity - Identity I chose the movie Identity because it...

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Identity I chose the movie Identity because it is fascinating to me how the mind can create different alters to escape of undesirable feelings or traumas. Also, I am curious about how identity has its own characteristics, facial expressions, handwriting styles, and so on. The main character is Malcolm Rivers, a 29 year-old male, who will be put to death for the brutal murders of some people in the state of Nevada. At the beginning of the movie, we can hear a record of Malcolm’s interview with his psychiatrist where Malcolm sounds disoriented and apathetic like if he was not focus on the conversation at all. He also seems disturbed and unconscious of the environment around him. Malcolm displays distress and impairment because of this disorder, indeed. Malcolm has being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Also, comorbidity is present in Malcolm’s diagnosis. We can found that Malcolm shows symptoms of Dissociative Fugue as well. First at all, as one of the symptoms of DID, Malcolm displays more than two alters; in fact, he has developed 11 alters (George, Alice, Timothy, Paris, Lou, Ginny, Caroline, Samuel, Edward, Larry, and Maine) in his mind. According to the diagnosis in the movie, Malcolm’s disorder started at childhood. He would have created these alters as an escape from the reality that his mother was a prostitute and abandoned him in the bathroom of a motel. Malcolm developed a naming pattern for his alters; all of them were named after a state of the United States of America. For instance, George, Alice, and Timothy York were named after New York, Paris after Nevada, Caroline after the state of Carolina, Ginny after Virginia, Lou after the state of Louisiana, Larry after Washington, Samuel after the state of Rhodes Island,
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Edward after Dakota, and Maine after the state of Maine. In addition, all alters share the same day of birth, May 10 th . Alter 1: George York is married to Alice York and is the stepfather of Timothy York.
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