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My Space Your Space: 21 st Century Communication Professor Andrea R. Marshall 201:A2 Mondays 9.50-11.10am Hardenbergh Hall B6 Thursdays 9.50-11.10am Records Hall Computing Lab Room 156 Spring 2011 Course Description: Modern technology, social media, and the internet have all changed the way individuals interact with one another in today’s society. The prevalence of mobile phones acting as much more than communication tools has also altered the methods by which people relate to one another socially; the public and private sectors are blurred with the increased visibility and instantaneous exchange of information via social media. Course Objectives: Students will develop their own area of research within the overall topic of the course, and by completing all the activities of this course, culminating in their final research paper, will gain some expertise within this topic area, and will be able to speak and write about it with clarity, originality, and a well rounded perspective. Reading Materials: See Library E-Reserves on Sakai Course Site at Kirszner and Mandell, The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook Contact Information: E-Mail: Office Hours: Tuesday 12.45pm-2.45pm at Au Bon Pain CAC. Course Requirements:
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myspaceyourspacesyllabusspring2011 - My Space Your Space:...

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