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1 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 307 FALL 2011 Lecturers: Dr. Robert Boikess (Course Coordinator), Dr. Patrick O’Connor, Dr. Heinz D. Roth, Each lecturer will give one third of the lectures to each lecture section Laboratory: You should not be registered for Organic Chemistry lab this semester, General Chemistry Background: In many ways Organic Chemistry uses and builds on a number of the chemical principles you learned in General Chemistry. But often the emphasis and approach are different. You need to understand and be able to use these principles. In addition to the relevant material in your General Chemistry textbook, Dr Boikess has prepared some detailed material to help you focus specifically on some of the skills you need to master for Orgo. You can find this material in the secure folder on the web page under the title Chemical Principles for Organic Chemistry.” Please use it. Textbooks: The bookstores are selling a package for Chemistry 307-308. The text is Organic Chemistry by L. G. Wade seventh edition (list price $213) and accompanying Study Guide (list price $110). In addition, you need a WebAssign registration card (do not lose it or throw it away; it is worth $52) , molecular model kit (list price $58), and i-Clicker (price $40) . We have negotiated a discount of over 70% for this entire package . The cost of the package is lower than the cost of the used book alone. Even if someone gives you some of the things in the package, you will probably spend more buying the other components separately. You cannot do better even if you buy some of the items used or on line. Among the reasons we have insisted on a low price is because we want you to buy and keep the book. Almost all of you will take other courses that depend on understanding organic chemistry.
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2 If you already own an Organic textbook by another author it will be of very limited use to you. You must use the 7 th Edition of the book by Wade. ALERT: All scheduled classes will meet for their full time period in the first week of the semester. Syllabus: Each of the three lecture sections has a slightly different schedule. Therefore each lecture section has a different syllabus. These syllabi are posted on the 307 web site. We suggest that you print the one for your section and follow it assiduously. As you can see we will cover Chapters 1 to 14 of your textbook this semester. Web Page: ALERT ; All essential course announcements such as exam locations and other details will be made on the course web page. In addition, lecture notes, occasional clarifications of difficult topics, and exams from previous years will be posted on the web page. Much of the material that will be posted on the web page will be in a secure folder. You will receive your user name and password by email so that you can access this folder. We will assume that you are up to date on all posted material. A number of important announcements will be posted on this web page during the first week of the semester and thereafter. Its URL is http://chem.rutgers.edu/fall_2011_chem_307 Attendance: i- Clickers will be used to take attendance.
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