CHAPTER+1__Drill - CHAPTER 1, 2, 4 Drills / Chemistry,...

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1 CHAPTER 1, 2, 4 Drills / Chemistry, Matter and Measurements 1. In 20 words or less, define the following with give example a) Physical and Chemical change. b) Chemical and Physical properties c) Substance d) Solutions. 2. Give the 7 SI Base Unit TIME Second (s) 3. Give 5 derived units with the corresponding SI units (example: speed = m/s) Speed m/s 4. Give the correct SI derived units of the following quantities? (example: density = mass/volume) Density Volume Energy Area Pressure Acceleration Speed kg/m 3 5. Choose the one lettered statement (A to K) that best corresponds to each number statement (1 to 11) . 1. A compound that fills its container: . 2. filtered sea water: . 3. A steak is cooked on a grill until well done: . 4. The rusting of iron: . 5. Water (H 2 O): . 6. Aluminum (Al) : . 7. Coffee: . 8. Vinegar has a pungent odor: . 9. A women visits a hairdresser and has her hair colored a darker shade of brown. After several weeks the hair, even though washed several times, has not changed back to the original color: . 10. Water boils: . 11. Hydrogen is flammable: . A: Homogeneous mixture; B: Heterogeneous mixture; C: Compound; D: Physical property; E: Chemical property; F: Physical Change; G: Chemical Change; H: Gas; I: Liquid; J: Element; K: Solid
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6. Convert the following: a) 1.22 x 10 -9 km = μ m b) 6.523 x 10 -4 nm = Mm c) 2.5 x 10 -9
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CHAPTER+1__Drill - CHAPTER 1, 2, 4 Drills / Chemistry,...

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