CHAPTER+7_Drill - CHAPTER 7 Drills/ Atomic Structure 1. A...

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1. A certain radiation emitted by magnesium has a wavelength of 266.8 nm. Which of the following statements is (are) correct concerning this radiation. a) It has a higher frequency than radiation with wavelength 325 nm b) It is visible to the naked eye. c) It has a greeter speed in vacuum than red light of 650 nm. d) It’s wavelength is longer than of x rays. 2. What is the energy and wavelength of a radio wave with a frequency of 91.5 MHz? ( Ans. 6.29 x 10 -26 J/photon, 3.16 m ) 3. Calculate the wavelength, in meters, of microwave radiation that corresponds to an energy of 2.63 J/mol photons. ( Ans. 4.55 × 10 2 ) 4. What is the energy per photon and per mole of photons of violet light, with a wavelength of 415 nm? ( Ans, 4.79 x 10 -19 J/photon; 2.8x 10 2 kJ/mole photons ) 5. A laser produces a light of wavelength 575 nm. How many photons of this light would have to strike a material for the material to absorb 55.1 kJ? ( Ans. 1.59 x 10 23 photons ) 6. The kinetic energy of an electron ejected from the surface of a metal is 4.68 x 10 19 J. Calculate the maximum wavelength of the light needed to produce the kinetic energy mentioned above if the threshold frequency to eject the electron is 1.82 x 10 14 s 1 . ( Ans. 338 nm ) 7. A minimum energy of 389 kJ/mol is required to break one nitrogen-to-hydrogen bond in ammonia (NH 3 ). What is the longest wavelength of radiation having the necessary energy to break this bond? ( Ans. 308 nm ) 8. Technetium emits a γ -ray with an energy of 1.173 MeV (1 Mev = 10 6 electron-volts, where 1 eV = 9.6485 x 10 4 J/mol). What are the wavelength (m) and frequency of
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CHAPTER+7_Drill - CHAPTER 7 Drills/ Atomic Structure 1. A...

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