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CHAPTER 8_Drills/ Electron Configurations, Atomic Properties, and the Periodic Table 1. In 15 words or less, define/answer each of the following. a) Valence electrons and core electrons. b) Effective nuclear charge: i) How does the effective nuclear charge felt by the outer electrons vary going down a group? j) How does it change as we go from left to right across a period? c) Isoelectronic species: Give 6 isoelectronic species in period 4 and 5: d) Ionization Energy: Why are ionization energies of atoms and positive ions endothermic? Explain why ionization energy increases left to right in a period and decreases from top to bottom in a group. e) Electron Affinity: Why is the second electron affinity of an atom always positive? f) Amphoteric oxides: g) Basic oxides: h) Acidic oxides:
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2. What is the maximum number of electrons that can be identified with each of the following sets of quantum numbers? In some cases, the answer may be “none”. In such case, explain why “none” is the correct answer. a) n = 4; l = 3, m l = 1 1/.2 b) n = 6, l = 1, m l = -1, m s = -1/2 c) n = 3, l = 3, m l = -3 d) n = 3 e) n = 3, l = 2 f) n = 4, l = 1, m l = -1, m s = -1/2 g) n = 5, l = 0, m l = -1, m s = +1/2 3. For each of the orbital diagrams given, write out the corresponding electron configuration. (Full and noble gas) O Ca K Fe 4. For each of the electron configurations given, write the corresponding orbital diagrams. (full and noble gas)
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CHAPTER+8_Drill - CHAPTER 8_Drills/ Electron...

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