EC - Intro Macro N Sheflin Extra Credit The extra credit...

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1 Intro Macro N. Sheflin Extra Credit The extra credit can be worth up to 20 points. Do it if you are interested, have the time, and want some extra work. It can help your grade, particularly if you are on the edge of a higher grade.It can also be something for me to write about in a future recommendation. However, if you are doing poorly in the course, your time would likely be better spent on working on the course material for the final exam. Do any ONE of the following that appeals to you. Write your report as though addressing a clever friend who knows little economics, and use graphical or algebraic analysis as appropriate. Your work should be submitted via the assignments in SAKAI by the last class of the semester. Feel free to see me for help. Note that I have a file of extra credit worked submitted in the past ans will check all new submissions against this. I will also check with other anti-cheating resources. TO GET ANY CREDIT, YOU MUST : INCLUDE and answer THE QUESTIONS I provided (copy and paste any of the following into your report) Answer the questions in your own words NOT quote from the book/article ANALYZE the material - you will be graded on your analysis, not your ability to summarize the source. RELATE the reading to what we are studying in this course. NOT write a book reports – ANSWER THE QUESTIONS NOT USE OTHERS WORK OR WORDS WITHOUT CITING THEM. Submit a 4-8 ‘typed’, double-spaced document. Note all submissions will be reviewed by TurnitIn for ‘originality’ 1. Read chapter 2 of the Economic Report of the President 2010 and answer the following: a. What do the yindicate as the cause(s) of the recession? How does this relate to the Keynesian SR model we have been developing? b. What was the role and impact of the financial sector in the recession? c. How was monetary policy used? What was new? What evidence was provided to show the effectiveness of monetary policy? d.
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EC - Intro Macro N Sheflin Extra Credit The extra credit...

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