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MAE486_Fall11_L5_S - MAE 486 Design of Mechanical Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE 486 Design of Mechanical Systems Lecture 5 Fall 2011 Today s topics: Problem Definition (Chapter 3); •  Construction of HOQ; 1 For the items in list (A: a1 to a7) and those in list (B: b1 to b7), which one below is the right combination: (a1) Conceptual Design; (a2) Preliminary Design; (a3) Detailed Design; (a4) Planning for Manufacturing; (a5) Planning for Use; (a6) Planning for Distribution; (a7) Planning for Retirement; (b1) Parameter design; (b2) Inventory control; (b3) Environment consideration; (b4) Assembly drawings; (b5) Packaging; (b6) Product reliability; (b7) Product concept; (a) a1 – b1, a2 – b3, a3 – b4, a4 – b5, a5 – b2, a6 – b7, a7 – b6 (b) a1 – b7, a2 – b1, a3 – b5, a4 – b3, a5 – b2, a6 – b4, a7 – b6 (c) a1 – b7, a2 – b5, a3 – b1, a4 – b3, a5 – b2, a6 – b4, a7 – b6 (d) a1 – b7, a2 – b1, a3 – b4, a4 – b2, a5 – b6, a6 – b5, a7 – b3 (e) a1 – b1, a2 – b3, a3 – b4, a4 – b5, a5 – b2, a6 – b7, a7 – b6 (f ) None of the above. Your own combination: 2 Find one example of (a) original design; (b) adaptive design; and (c) redesign; List your answer clearly in the following format: Original design: (Your answer); (List the other two on two new lines below). Review: Establishing Engineering Characteris6cs •  Goal: –  Customer needs  Engineering quan6fica6ons –  What does it mean? •  •  •  •  What are the engineering characteris6cs? Benchmarking Reverse Engineering Determine Engineering Characteris6cs Review: Quality Func6on Development (QFD) •  •  •  •  •  •  What is it? What do we want to get out of it? Graphical method; How will it help the design team? Key components: Structure: –  Horizontally: –  Ver6cally: •  End Result: •  Develop HOQ  BePer understanding Review: How to Build a HOQ? •  •  •  •  •  The streamlined HOQ (Basic Version) Step 1: Construct RM1. Step 2: Construct RM2. Step 3: Construct Room 4 (Rela6on Matrix);  A set of symbols to represent, e.g., 0, 1, 3, 9…  Run down each EC in column, row by row, and ask its contribu6on to the CR in each row: Step 4: Construct Room 5 How to Build a HOQ? •  Step 4: Construct Room 5 (Importance Ranking) Understanding Rela6onship Matrix •  An empty row •  An empty Column; •  A row W/O “9” assigned; •  A Column W. many #s; •  Diagonal matrix; Outcome of HOQ •  Clarify of the importance of ECs; •  Help to allocate resources; Second Form of HOQ: the Correla6on Matrix •  Addi6on: RM 3 (Roof of HOQ) •  What does it show? •  Why is it important? •  To determine, what do we need to know? –  Knowledge; –  Experience; Third Form of HOQ: Addi6on of RM 6 and RM 7 •  Inputs: –  Data from HOQ –  Results from Benchmarking; •  Output: –  RM6: CompeLLve Assess.; –  RM7: Technical Assess.; •  RM6: Based on CRs; –  W. r.t. CRs; –  Where are the data from? •  RM7: Based on ECs; Fourth Form of HOQ: Addi6on of RM 8 •  Secng target values for ECs; •  Inputs: –  RM5: What are the import.? –  RM7: •  Tech. Compe66on; •  Tech. Difficulty; Interpreta6on of HOQ •  How to interpret it? •  Design parameters: What are already given? •  What is the role of HOQ? Understand ECs •  Highest ranking ECs: o  What are they? o  ECs with a few possible #s: Use? o  ECs with many #s: Use? •  Lowest ranking ECs: •  Meaning? •  What should be considered in choosing the #s? Product Design Specifica6on (PDS) •  Why the product process planning important? •  What is PDS? •  How to make a good PDS? More about PDS •  HOD  PDS. •  PDS template. A PDS case study: CD ­Case Design What makes a good PDS? •  What should be emphasized? What should not? Project Management (Chapter 4) •  Design: “team sport”. •  Objec6ves: –  How to be a good team member? –  What tools we have? –  Why project planning important? How to be a good team member? •  What is the most important actude? •  What is next? What should a good team have? Team Roles •  Outside comer: –  Role: •  Should observer get involved in the discussion? Team Dynamics •  How to build a good team? What are the steps? ...
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