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CEAT Career Fair - questions about the company and the...

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Scarlett Hood 9/29/11 CEAT Career Fair 2011 When I arrived at the CEAT Career Fair, I targeted companies that were looking for my major. I went to visit OG&E, ABF, Chesapeake, John Deer, AECI, Sandia, and NASA. I arrived at the Career Fair at 10:45am and left at 12:00pm. I felt like this was a good time because then the recruiters would not have been tired after speaking to everyone already and they would be energized and excited to speak to students. Almost all of the students at the CEAT Career Fair were wearing business dress, such as suits, dresses, skirts, and blouses and were carrying a leather notebook with several resumes and a pen. While listening to a student speaking with a recruiter, I noticed that the student was very energetic and happy and asking
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Unformatted text preview: questions about the company and the employer was very interested in her attitude and was telling her all about the company’s internships. All of the companies that I went to, OG&E, ABF, Chesapeake, John Deer, AECI, Sandia, and NASA, were all looking for my major of Industrial Engineering and Management and all seven of them were offering internships to students. I believe that John Deer had one of the best displays because they were giving out John Deer hats. I also went to visit Boeing even though they were not looking for my major and I spoke to the OSU alum. His name was Rob Miner, he graduated in 1989 with a degree in human resources....
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