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b STRENGTHS: Achieves coordination necessary to meet dual demands from customers Flexible sharing of human resources across products Suited to complex decisions and frequent changes in unstable environment Provides opportunity for both functional and product skill development Best in medium-sized organizations with multiple products b WEAKNESSES: Causes participants to experience dual authority, which can be frustrating and confusing Means participants need good interpersonal skills and extensive training Is time consuming; involves frequent meetings and conflict resolution sessions Will not work unless participants understand it and adopt collegial rather than vertical-type relationships
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Unformatted text preview: Requires great effort to maintain power balance Strengths and Weaknesses of Matrix Organization Structure Source: Adapted from Robert Duncan, What Is the Right Organization Structure? Decision Tree Analysis Provides the Answer, Organizational Dynamics (Winter 1979): 429. Matrix Structure for Worldwide Steel Company President Industrial Relations Vice President Mfg. Services Vice President Finance Vice President Marketing Vice President Mfg. Vice President Metallurgy Vice President Field Sales Vice President Open Die Business Mgr. Ring Products Business Mgr. Wheels & Axles Business Mgr. Steelmaking Business Mgr. Vertical Functions Horizontal Functions...
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