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MathCAD.page01 - pressions algebraically • Vectors and...

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Mathcad Mathcad is a product of MathSoft inc. The Mathcad can help us to calculate, graph, and communicate technical ideas. It lets us work with mathematical expressions using standard math notation - but with the added ability to recalculate, view, present, and publish with ease, even to the Web. We shall explore the following functionalities provided by Mathcad , Numeric operators perform summations, products, derivatives, integrals and Boolean operations. Numeric functions apply trigonometric, exponential, hyper- bolic and other functions and transforms. Symbolics simplify, differentiate, integrate, and transform ex-
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Unformatted text preview: pressions algebraically. • Vectors and Matrices manipulate arrays and perform vari-ous linear algebra operations, such as finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and looking up values in arrays. • Differential Equation Solvers support ordinary differential equa-tions, systems of differential equations, and boundary value problems both at the command line and in solve blocks that use natural notation to specify the differential equations and constraints. In this chapter, we give a brief introduction to its user interface and the basic usage of MathCad in defining, evaluating, and graphing of variables and functions. 1...
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