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2 1. INTRODUCTION TO Mathcad 1. User Interface: Menus and Toolbars Since MathCad is a window program as shown in the following screen shot after run the Mathcad program. Figure 1. Mathcad Window The blank area is the work area that allow us typing and evaluat- ing mathematical expression, graphing, symbolic computing, entering and running Mathcad scripting codes, and entering ordinary text.
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Unformatted text preview: It has standard main menu bar at the top of the window as most window programs do that is shown in the following screen shot. Figure 2. Main Menu Bar But some menus deserve a little more attention. They are View , Insert , and Symbolic menus. 1.1. The View Menu. The View menu, among other features, allows a user to bring up popup menu bars for using with Mathcad ....
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